Enlarge your consciousness

An installation and art exhibit dealing with human emotions as people express them on social networks. Random, unknowing internet users are transformed into human tamagotchis and sold for 9.99$ .

The boxes with the human tamagotchis.

A first visualization.

Here each block represents a single emotion, as captured in real-time from social networks. In the visualization each block was very small, and it gave a sense of the enormous amount of data which was being captured.

the distribution of emotions around the planet.

Enlarge Your Consciousness

Enlarge Your Consciousness in 4 Days 4 Free grabs emotions in real-time from social networks and uses them to gain better understanding of the way human beings have transformed by using digital technologies and networks.

A real-time process has been designed to extract real-time public information from multiple social networks. Specifically, the following social networks are used:

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Flickr
  • FourSquare

The texts, comments, tips, image/video captions published by online users were anonymized and processed using Natural Language Analysis.

These services were used to pilot a series of information visualizations and a physical installation, as well as generative sounds which parametrically represent the emotions generated in real-time by social network users.

Here is a sample of the generative sounds

A set of boxes was designed to contain the profile of a single, random social network user. 100 hundred boxes of this type were produced, randomly selecting users whose emotions came up while processing data for the visualizations and installation.

Each box contained a link and a QRCode. They led to an address at which a small interface showed the profile image of the user (but without showing any other data which could be used to identify him/her/it) together with the list of the most recent emotions expressed on social networks.

The user was transformed into a sort of social-network-mediated-tamagotchi. A human Tamagotchi.

We put the boxes on sale for 9.99 euros.

Here is a more detailed explanation of how the project works.